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Jack Vettriano

Lladro Collectors Society Pieces,
Privilege and Event pieces

Lladro is a Spanish company which was formed in 1953 by three brothers, Juan, Vincente and Jose Lladro.

They began by making various porcelain items such as vases and plates and around three years later they started manufacturing porcelain figurines.


Lladro Porcelain Figurines

Lladro's famous figurines are now collected worldwide. Lladro figurine collectors can be found on all continents and in 1985 the Lladro Collectors Society was formed. Members of the Society were privileged to be able to buy small editions of the annual sculpture.

Lladro figurines are made of hard paste porcelain which gives their recognisable characteristics.

The ingredients used in making the figures is a closely kept industry secret and the figures bear various marks on the base depending on when the figures were made.

The pieces shown on this page are all retired figurines and are Lladro Collectors Society pieces, Lladro Privilege Collection pieces and Event pieces.

Collection Details:
All items come originally boxed and are individually numbered, Please quote reference number and piece title when ordering.

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